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Eoin Colfer's Artemis Fowl: The Graphic Novel

Eoin Colfer's Artemis Fowl: The Graphic Novel
Adapted by Eoin Colfer and Andrew Donkin
Art by Giovanni Rigano and Colour by Paolo Lamanna

The original Artemis Fowl was boring. The overall story was cool, and the ideas seemed original, but it read badly. It took me three attempts before I actually read more than halfway, and a further 2 before I actually managed to complete the book.

The next books in the series were a bit better, but I try to stay away from Eoin Colfer's books because I tend to find them dull, when in actual fact they are meant to be exciting. But it's a matter of taste; I have a friend who loves all Eoin Colfer's work, and this is why I was forced into reading the whole Artemis Fowl series, and also how I obtained this book.

Artemis Fowl: The Graphic Novel is not boring. It's action packed, because it has been shortened. Reading it, it felt like I was watching a film.

They should make a film of Artemis Fowl. It'd be great.

Anyway. The art in this book is great, and there are some things in the pictures that you see that you never picked up on in the original novel (probably because you were too busy concentrating on trying to stay awake). Rigano has drawn the characters just like you would expect them to look like, but maybe there is slight exaggeration on Butler's features. His neck looks like it is about to swallow his face (see the first picture on page 3 of the story) and, although in the book it stresses that Butler is bald, he has blond hair in this adaptation.

I won't tell you any of the story, as I know it would ruin it. All I will say is; buy this instead of the original, unless you have trouble getting to sleep.

'Reads like the fastest, punchiest comic strip you've ever come across'


Title: Artemis Fowl: The Graphic Novel

Author: Adapted by Eoin Colfer and Andrew Donkin

First Published: 2007, by Puffin Books


Our story begins several years ago at the dawn of the twenty-first century.

Young Artemis Fowl is a criminal genius and the mastermind behind some of the most devious and technologically advanced crimes of this century. What is he after this time? Gold of course. And not just any old gold. Fairy gold. The only thing is, these are not just any old fairies...

Artemis is plotting to hold a fairy to ransom and restore his family's fortune. But he soon discovers that there is a world below ground where the fairies are armed and dangerous, the gadgetry is mind-blowing and paranoid centaurs and LEPrecon officers await him.

Seeing is believing, So strap in, adventurers - you've never experienced anything like this.

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Rating: 3/5

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