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St. Trinian's, by Pippa La Quesne

St Trinian's
Adapted by Pippa La Quesne
Based on the screenplay by Piers Ashworth & Nick Moorcroft

The 2007 movie St Trinian's was, and still is, one of my favourites, so that is why I bought the book.
It is quite short, with only 148 pages including screenshots from the movie, but I read the first chapter online and felt that it was like the film; brilliant.
I wasn't let down, but because this is a book for all ages, some of my favourite, or the funniest, lines were taken out because they had swears or weren't suitable for children under 12, etc., etc.
It didn't ruin the book though. Pippa La Quesne described the settings wonderfully, all the words she chose to put down to describe St Trinian's and it's pupils and staff did the job well.
A few scenes were missed out, but I know that is because it wouldn't work very well if you were to try and write them down, such as the Annabelle on YouTube scene. If you haven't watched the film, you would be none the wiser, but if you have then it is slightly annoying, skipping a scene, but nothing can be done about it.
It is better to read the book of the film, then watch the movie, because sometimes you can't decipher what some characters are saying, or you don't get what the scene is about, but then you read the book and you're like 'so that's what they said/were doing!', and it would be better if you didn't have to watch the scene over and over to hear the line correctly, which is what I sometimes do, you could just read the book and then know the lines and the added scenes would be a bonus, and a surprise.
In case you haven't seen St. Trinian's, in which case I suggest that you go out and buy the dvd now (!), then here is a quick summary of the story;
Annabelle Fritton has been dumped at the notorious St Trinian's School For Young 'Ladies', in the middle of one of their financial crisises.
The St Trinian's headmistress owes the bank £500,000, and needs to pay up quick or St Trinian's will be shut down.
So the pupils plan to steal the most valuable painting ever in order to pay the bills. It will be the heist of the century; and St Trinian's is game on.
They have to take part in School Challenge and get to the finals in order to get a chance to steal the Lady With The Pearl Earring, or as Chelsea calls it, Scarlett Johansson.
But St Trinian's isn't known for brains, they are known for cunning, so they have to cheat.
We follow the unruly pupils and teachers as they plan to cheat and seduce their way through School Challenge, and also try and stop the school inspector Geoffrey Thwaites from shutting the school down too.
I would recommend this book to anyone, as, I have already explained, any reference to bad language has been removed from this book.

Title: St Trinian's
Author: Adapted by Pippa La Quesne
First Published: 2007, by The Penguin Group
St Trinian's is in crisis.
The notorious school for young 'ladies' has been threatened with closure and needs to find funds, fast. A whole host of ungovernable and downright unruly pranksters (and that includes the teachers) are game on to pull off the heist of the century.
Their plan? Steal an extremely famous painting from the National Gallery. Right under the noses of the authorities, of course. But can their combined cunning and total lack of shame save the day before school is out - for good?
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Rating: 3.5/5

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